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This is the shiny new site for Fluffy Chicken, Fraz the squirrel, and others. Occasionally I might rant about something, but mostly I'll just try to be funny.

Why Comics?
Since I picked up a copy of "Sandman" by Neil Gaiman in high school, I have wanted to write comics. Before that I was writing illustrated short stories, but there is something extra magical about comic books. The combination of words and pictures makes it a very powerful medium. The comics on this site are just strips, but I figure I gotta start somewhere, right?

Can I Share These?
Yes, please! That would be so super awesomely amazing. If you do share, please link back to this site.

Who the Hell Are You?
I'm Kirsten Juli-Anne Petersen. Hi.
To contact me, email I'm also on twitter.
I also maintain a blog for general ranting and occasional stories, poems and songs.