I learned a few things with this one.

First, it's a great idea to get up early, drink a cup of coffee and start writing in my journal - the idea for this one came straight out of something I wrote in my journal today.

Second, I tried drawing this one in pencil first and inking over it, but then had to clean up the pencil lines and oh good grief that was too much work. And I don't think the final outcome was any better. If anything, this one looks a little stilted to me.

Third, I just really need to get some better paper and pens. It's surprising to me how much that kind of thing matters.

And finally, my big lesson this week is: keep learning and trying new things. I realized recently that it's probably better if I actually upload the images to social sites, rather than just linking to the blog. It looks better in the feeds, and people don't have to load another webpage to see the picture. I can still include the URL, and have started doing so both in my posts and in the image.

Alrighty. Time to go to my day job!


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